Do you spend a lot of time outdoors? Are you planning a trip out in the wild? Are you an avid hiker?


If you answered yes to any of these questions, then this app is for you. This handy guide will help you identify all the dangerous and venomous snakes in southern Africa, and will give you practical first aid advice on what to do if someone is bitten by one.



Descriptions of 23 dangerous and venomous snakes (including spitting snakes) in southern Africa, with high-quality photos, maps and succinct information about habits and habitats

Step-by-step first aid treatments for snakebites, with illustrations

Guidelines for preventing snakebites

Information about snakes and their venom

Emergency contact numbers


Download this essential app. It may help to save a life!


See below for key features


Key identification points for all 23 dangerous snakes in southern Africa, with information about where you might encounter them

100+ Photos

Multiple images for each snake, information about their habits and habitats and location maps for each species

Basic First Aid

Detailed first aid treatment given for snakebites by each species

Information About Snakes

Johan Marais is an internationally known herpetologist and author of numerous books on snakes and reptiles, including Snakes & Snakebite in Southern Africa.


Through the African Snakebite Institute he offers a range of accredited training courses for reptile enthusiasts, the wildlife industry, as well as mining and other large corporations. Courses cover the following:

Snake Awareness

Snake Handling (venomous and non-venomous snakes)

Basic First Aid for Snakebite

Advanced First Aid for Snakebite


Visit the African Snakebite Institute’s website for more information on the courses.